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Hillside brings joy within its movement and tones. As you look at this piece you will be drawn into the different details it contains.

Digital Download - $20.00

After purchasing a digital download of this print, an email will be sent to you within minutes. The email will include a link that will allow you to download your new high resolution artwork. 

The aspect ratio for this piece is 4:5.

You will receive one file with your purchase for printing different sizes within this ratio, meaning the image will not need to be cropped for those sizes. 

4:5 Ratio - 8x10, 11x14, 16x20, etc.

Original Painting - $115.00

The original painting of Hillside is available for this piece. It is a landscape piece and measures 8" x 10". After purchase, the artwork will be shipped to you within 3-5 business days. 

| Artist - Brittney Schulz |

Brittney is a fine artist from Boise, Idaho. She has experience within teaching and treasures her time spent teaching high school and middle school art. She enjoys spending time with her family outside in their garden, along with renovating their 1940's farmhouse with her husband. She works with acrylic paint but also loves the impact of charcoal and pencil. Brittney is excited to continue growing within her skillset and sharing it with others.

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