Three Reasons To Buy a Vintage Rug

Why buy a vintage rug?

I get asked this sometimes and it’s always easy for me to answer because there are so many reasons. But here are THREE!

1). Vintage rugs are handmade and will last forever. They can take months and some can take years to finish because each individual knot is done by hand. This provides these rugs up with the quality and durability needed to stand the test of time. They are meant to be lived on! I say it all the time, yes, you can walk on these rugs.

2). Vintage rugs are rich in history! A huge reason why I’m drawn to vintage rugs is because of their history! I love the fact that they have lived lives before coming to my shop. I love learning about them and the individuals who made them. Why do people sit down for months/years to create these beautiful rugs by hand? It’s fascinating to me!

3). Vintage rugs are considered an asset. Yes, you could go to any box store today and buy a rug for a cheaper price tag. But that rug will probably be in several other people’s homes. That rug probably won’t be handmade. And there’s zero chance that rug will last as long as a hand knotted one. Also, that rug probably won’t hold its value over time. Vintage/antique rugs are sometimes passed down for generations. It is always worth it to spend money on a hand-knotted rug/vintage rug because you’ll end up spending more money replacing other rugs in your home that end up falling apart.

In short, vintage rugs are always worth it!