Hey Hi Hello!

Welcome and Hello! 

Hey friends! I’m Jamie! You’re here! Welcome to my very first blog post! I'm so excited! I’m hoping you dig vintage rugs and all things old; it’s kinda my thing. :) But let’s start at the beginning. I hail from a small town in Washington State called Sunnyside. I have two brothers and two sisters and I’m smack dab in the middle. I suffer terribly from middle child syndrome. Even with my own children now, if they’re having fun without me, I feel left out. Someone send help.

My love for old things started as a kid! My mom would frequent yard sales for treasures and collected antiques. And my dad bought an old train depot in our town and renovated it to use as his office. I loved going to yard sales with my mom and watching her decorate our home with antiques, and being part of the renovation process of the train depot! There’s something about old things, places and spaces that just has my heart! 

Fast forward a few years, I went to Washington State University for school and majored in psychology. If you’re worried I’m analyzing you, for sure I am. J/K, I’m just a really good listener; tell me everythinggg! Post college, I moved to Chicago and became a futures trader for eight years. I loved all the walking around the city I got to do, and all the gorgeous old buildings with their amazing architecture! That’s also where I met my husband, Jordan!

Jordan’s work eventually brought us to Boise. When we knew we’d be staying in Boise long-term, we bought a vintage home and so began my search to furnish it with rugs and all the things. My passion for vintage rugs began at that point. I became obsessed with them! They bring a warmth and story with them that I love and that I can feel. I had that in my home growing up, and I want that in our home now for our family...which has now grown! We have two little girls, Bernadette and Annie. It felt so natural to put vintage rugs in our vintage home. And so began Jewel’s Rug Shop! I’m so glad you’re here! I spend a lot of time curating each and every piece for the shop. I hope to bring you vintage rugs that make your heart happy and fill your home and spaces with warmth!  

Welcome, all!